Hazrath Syedina Syed Sha Baba Noorullah Hussainee al maroof Syed Masthaan Hussainee Suharwardi Saabic Sadar Sajjaada Nasheen, Penukonda Sheriff, Kaththa Sallaahu Sirrahul Azeez. 

Mracle - Being alive after death

" They (Martyrs) are alive in the presence of their Lord, being provided for"

                                                                                     Holy Qur'an [ 3:169]

          It is belived that Aulia Allah (Saiints) are alive in their Mazars (Graves) following incident is the proof of this belief.

           One day His Holiness Syedina Baba Fakhruddin (R.A.) was preaching a king of Royal Dynasty  on how one can live even after his/her death and advocated, person who hardened the body by subjecting to intense religious zeal attains unity with Almighty and the body won`t decay and will be alive until the Day of Judgement.
To bring clarity, Baba Fakhruddin (R.A) quoted an example:

          Two pots made of clay, one just dried in sun and the other burnt in a furnace, buried after digging two separate pits in the mud. After few days, when both the pits opened, the burnt pot has well intact its form and shape whereas the pot that was dried but not burnt, has lost its form and turned into clay.

         Likewise, when a human burns himself by truthfully following Allah and his Prophets preaching`s he/she shall be alive even in the grave and the body won`t get touched by mud or any insects.

         As the king was still doubtful, Baba Fakhruddin (R.A.) stated that the king could check for himself, by opening Baba`s grave, for the body being untouched by the mud even after 40 years of Baba leaving the world. The king replied that he is already old and may die even before forty years. Baba smiled and offered his 40 years of life to the king to verify after 40 years by opening the burial. Baba also said if he could not wait for 40 years, he could open after 40 days of his burial.

          Baba Fakhruddin (R.A.) passed away after few days. Forty days later the king and others dug up the Holy grave of Baba Fakhruddin (R.A.) to check the body and observed that it was fresh with a smile on its face. The king was convinced. However, to substantiate, after forty years they did it again and found that the Baba's body was still fresh and full of flowers. (Allah-u-Akbar).

          Since then, the Holy Grave opening ceremonies on the 40th day of burial were celebrated for all the Sajjada Nasheens of this Silsila. Around 1930 the Holy Mazar Sariff of Syedina Baba Abdal Hussainee Suharwardi, Father and Murshad of Baba Noorullah Hussainee (R.A) was openned. Public found the holy body as fresh as it is laid on the very same day with fresh flowers.(Allah-u-Akbar)

          During the preparation of  the Holy Grave opening ceremony of Baba Noorullah Hussainee (R.A.) around end of 1970,  the local Wahabbi sect opposed the opening of the grave, which they claim as anti Islamic and Indian Government Law. To avoid confrontation of both parties, police were stationed around the area. They were instructed by then Anantapur District Collector to arrest anyone go against the law. The local Police had requested the present Sadar Sajjada Nasheen, His Holiness Khwaja Syed Sha Baba Abdal Hussainee (R.A) not to open the Holy Grave and informed the Collector's order.

          His Holiness Baba Abdal Hussainee (R.A.) just smiled at the police and told that he will not open the Mazar... but it will be openned. Then he went on his seclusion.

          But, next day. the Collector called the local Penukonda Police Station and ordered the Police to give protection for the Holy Mazar opening ceremony and arrest the people who confront this ceremony. The Collector, himself attended and witnessed the Holy Mazar opening ceremony. 

" They (Martyrs) are alive in the presence of their Lord, being provided for"

                                                                                                              Holy Qur'an [ 3:169 ]

          Baba's Holy body was as fresh as laid on the same day with the sweat on the face. The flowers were also as fresh. though they were  with the holy body  for 40 days. Several thousand believers and public from local and neighbouring cities, gathered and witnessed this Miracle

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