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Hazrath Syedina Baba Syedhus Saadhaath Peer Nath'har Thabley Aalam Musth Asth Dhuhool Samandhar kaththa Sallaahu Sirrahul Azeez.

          Hazrath Syedina Sultan Syed Baba-e-Nathar Sarmast Tabl-e-Aalam Dhughul Samander Hussainee Suharwardi (R.A). is one of  the greatest Sufi , grand saint of India. He was the first Sufi to bring Islam to South India and Sri Lanka. His original name is Sultan Syed Mathharuddin.

          Tabl-e-Aalam Badushah Nathar Aulia was a King of Istanbul, who abdicted the throne to spread Islam. He was commanded by Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh) to spread Islam in India, He came to India along with 900 Qalandars to spread light of Islam and Tasawuf.

          Baba Nathar Vali who was a Qalandar is believed to be known as Hazrath Dada Hayat Qalandar and Hazath Mardab-e-Gyb by his spiritual presence in Dada Pahad and Sivanasamudram in Karnata.

          Baba Nathar Auliya was invoked into Sufism by Hazrat Shiekh Ali Zawalqi Par Parwaaz (R.A) an accomplished master into Suharwardia order.

          He rescued mankind from torments of demons and destroyed them from existence.

          Tabl-e-Aalam Badasha did not marry during his lifetime his spritual lineage is existing today from the descendents of Hazrat Syed Ali Chilla Kash (R.A),brother of  Syedul Aarifien Sultanul Mashayiqeen Hazrath Syedina Khwaja Baba Fekhruddin (R.A.)  a great disciple and Khalifa (Caliph) of Hazrath Nathar Aulia (R.A.)

Mazar of Hazrath Syed-o-Sadaat Pir Nathar Tabl-e-Alam Badushah Mast al Mast Dhuhul Samandar & Hazrath Shams Goya (R.A)

Khalifas of Tabl-e-Aalam Badshah Peer Nathar Auliya (RA)

1.Syedul Aarifeen Hazrat Syedna Khwaja Baba Fakhruddin Suharwardi Qalandar-e-Barhaq

          Hazrat Syedna Baba Fakhruddin Suharwardy (Rahmatullah Alaih)is a great sufi saint of 12 th century. His mausoleum is located in Penukonda, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

          Before coming to penukonda, He was a king of Sistan, a province of Iran,renounced world for the sake of Allah, in the pursuit of the Almighty he found his Murshid (Spiritual guide) Hazrath Tabr-e-Aalam Baadshah Nathar Vali (Rehmatullah Alaih),who himself was a king who had too renounced world for the Almighty's cause, in a place called Tiruchirapalli (Tamilnadu). After serving His Master for 24 years on Master's command he left towards to Penukonda for spreading the truth.

          Hazrat Baba Fakhruddin (R.A) was given a miswak twig to identify the location, and was commanded to stay in the place where it sprouts, One night when Sarkar Baba Fakhruddin (R.A) entered Penukonda, as a practice he stuck the twig in ground and immersed himself in prayer  and in the morning he found the twig sprout and decided to make the same place as his abode. The miswak twigs planted 800 years ago is still green today in Penukonda dargah.
          Sarkar Baba Fakhruddin was bestowed with Sajjadagiri by Tabl-e-Aalam Badshah and it remains in the family of Hazrat Baba Fakhruddin. Since Baba was a Qalandar, the dynasty continued by the progeny of Hazrat Baba Fakhruddin's (R.A) brother Hazrat Syed Ali Chillakash, whose son and Khalifa of Baba Fakhruddin was Hazrat Syedna Baba Yusuf Qattal Hussaini Suharwardy (R.A).

          Dargah of Hazrat Baba Fakhruddin (R.A) is the abode of various chowks of different Fakirs which includes Rafai, Shah Jalali, Madari,Malang and Banawa.
          It is regarded as sadar chowk of the Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamilnadu region, its control spans on all the southern region dargahs.
          He is revered with full faith and great deity by all religions.

2. Hazrat Syedna Baba Hyder-e-Safdar Suharwardi

          Hazrath Syed Shah Baba Hyder Auliya Hussaini Suharwardi (Rahmatullah Alaih) is a 12th century Sufi saint of Suharwardi order. He was the disciple of Hazrath Tabr-e-Aalam Baadshah Nathar Vali (RA), of Tirchy. His mausoleum is located in Mulbagal, Kolar District, Karnataka.
          Hazrath Baba Hyder-e-Safdar vali (RA), was originally named as Syed Ismail who was a king of Sabhunat, Iran. After renouncing the world , he was inducted into Surwardy Sufi order by his spiritual master, Hazrth Baba Nathar Wali of Tirch. hen Baba Hyder-e-Safdar came to India it was the regime of Gayasuddin Balaban in Delhi and Halebeedu Hoysala in Southern India. He settled in Mulbagal along with 300 qalandars and his companions, Hazrath Haji Makki and Hazrath Baba Syed Fatehullah Shaheed, and began to spread the word of the Suharwardy Order.

          Baba unified with Almighty  in 1269 (11th of Rajab, 668 Hijri). Baba Hyder-e-Safdar (R.A)s first Urs sandal was anointed by Syedual Aaarifien Sultanul Masakin Qutubul Aqtaab Hazrath Syedna Khwaja Baba Fakruddin (Rahmatullah Alayh) of Penukonda who was also a desciple of Hazrath Baba Nathar Vali (RA). Dargah of Baba Hyder Wali is revered as Saani chowk for Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh regions by fakirs and the abode of Hazarath Baba Fakhruddin (R.A) is Sadar Chowk  for these regions. His mausoleum is visited by people of all faith and religion.

          Urs of Hazrath Baba Hyder-e-Safdar (RA) is celebrated every year on 11th of Rajab (according to Islamic calendar) which is attended with lots of
people from various parts of India.

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